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  • Your Company Located @ The Marina Bay

  • and the world famouse Marina Bay Sands Hotel and The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.


General Secretarial Work
» General secretarial work and organization on site.
» Answering calls, taking messages and handling correspondence maintaining diaries and arranging appointments.
» Ensuring meetings are effectively organised and minuted.
» Maintaining effective records and administration.
» Communication and correspondence.
» Typing, preparing and collating reports.
» Managing databases.
» Liaising with relevant organisations and clients.
» Acting as a receptionist and/or meeting and greeting clients

Visibility, Presence and Marketing.
» Establishing regional and local field presences.
» Making use of field travel, delegations.
» The use of visibility strategies must always be judged case by case, since enhanced visibility affects the discreetness of the field presence. Additionally, it has serious resource implications – on means of transport, offices, human resources, etc. The office and office equipment are the figurehead of your company. FS REPRESENTATION has its office in the immediate vicinity to the famouse Marina Bay and a 10 minute walk away from the world famouse Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Shopps by the Bay at Asia Square in Singapore. That gives your company the necessary image and you can also enjoy a superb reputation through that.

Promotion and Marketing.
» Decisions that include advertising (both media and messaging decisions), sales promotion (price deals, trade incentives, etc.), personal selling (recruiting, training, compensating sales people), public relations/publicity (garnering favorable trade press, attending trade shows, engaging in cause-related marketing, etc.). Specific issues can include developing a strong brand reputation. Decisions about the timing and focus of new product pre-announcements, co-branding decisions with potential business partners (including cooperative advertising with channel members), leveraging the Internet and other new media to gain awareness.

» The aim of FS REPRESENTATION is to preserve existing customers and acquire new customers including customer support in a foreign and until then unaccessibile market. We will maintain existing business partners and expand the network based on our existing network with organizing meetings and presentation, company and product presentation. Most business owners want to grow their businesses overeseas, but they struggle because they have limited know-how and accessibility to the desired foreign market. The FS REPRESENTATION´s concept of business optimization is the key to more growth without spending more money on sales and marketing. Once your business optimization is turned into a system, you'll also be spending less time for a higher reward.


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