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How do we process your cross-border investment?

1) Brief overview of the portfolio.

As soon as our company receives the mandate to market a new exclusive real estate portfolio, we offer our clients the opportunity to gain a transparent and meaningful overview of a large selection of predominantly leased and high quality properties.

Afterwards, we will discuss together which type of property exactly fits your investment strategy, your existing portfolio or the wishes of your clients. Because we provide investors and agent firms data and information on profitable real estate investments individually.
Our portfolios mostly contain a wealth of different types of real estate such as:
Plots of Land, Porperty / Building Concepts.
Existing Residential Buildings.
Existing Residential - Commercial mixed Buildings such as Condominiums with retail space.
Existing Commercial Buildings such as Hotels, Office Buildings, Nursing Homes, Student Accommodation.

2) Availability request.

Request for real estates and it's availability at our partners in Germany as well as selection from existing portfolio. The exclusive investment opportunities we offer are much sought after and therefore we request information in Germany to allocate the perfect investment individually for every investor or real estate agent.

3) Presentation of a preselection of suitable real estates.

Because of our asset management and our networks we are able to provide projects in an early stage. Clients have the benefit to be at the beginning of the value chain of the investment process, from real estate development and construction, to rental or reselling, strategically planning the investment process to ensure more returns on equity.

4) Request data as well as Letter of Intent at our partners.

Define final selection and request data as well as Letter of Intent for evaluation by the customer, based on the selected real estates by the customer at our partners.

5) Evaluation by the investor.

Transmission of the most important data to the investor or real estate agent necessary for the examination by the investor.

6) Reservation of the real estates.

As soon as we receive the duly signed and completed letter of intent we will immediately contact our partner firms to reserve the real estate.

7) Appointment at the Notary Public office.

The purchase of real estate in Germany must comply with German laws. The purchase contract must be notarised at the Notary Public office in Germany if the real estate is located in Germany. The registration of the acquirer in the land register is mandatory for the acquisition of a property. Land registries in Germany are natural persons as well as legal and partially legal entities (GbR, KG, GmbH, AG). Companies incorporated under foreign law may also acquire real estate in Germany and be entered in the land register as the owner. Buyer (investor) and seller learn to know each other.