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Germany, the Investment-friendly strongholt.

It is clear that the German real estate market is an investment-friendly stronghold located in the heart of Europe. Foreign investors are not faced with any particular restrictions but instead enjoy equal rights and obligations when it comes to acquiring property. Due to the growth in the number of city dwellers, increasing rent levels and a secure and attractive environment, real estate owners can profit and grow accordingly. In short, the German real estate market is a place for every serious investor to take an active part.
What are you waiting for?

Increasing complexities of today's global markets.

An impact of the increasing global appetite for real estate assets is that property transactions are becoming ever more complicated, structurally and financially. Our international scope combined with local expertise on the ground qualify us to handle and complete a multitude of complex cross-border real estate transactions. We will guide you throught the increasing complex international property markets.
We represent our partners, real estate agents, institutions, private equity and funds across all segments of the real estate market, from office, retail, hotels and leisure to logistics and mixed-use.

The real estate, an immobile and lasting asset with growth.

The city of Frankfurt Main is becoming increasingly popular and expensive. Real estate prices have more than doubled since 2008 in Frankfurt. One square meter costs an average of 4,640 euros at the end of July 2018 - good 13 percent more than a year earlier. New buildings are more expensive with almost 5,500 euros per square in average. The purchase prices climbed the strongest in the newly built old town (plus 221%). This is primarily due to the project „Frankfurt‘s New Old Town“. Real estates in Gutleutviertel (plus 180%) and Westend-Nord (plus 163%) also increased rapidly. This is based on economic success because of the world-wide highest number of „hidden-champions“ around Frankfurt Main, which are medium-sized world market leaders.

Once less sought-after locations become more expensive.

The rents climbed strongly as well. Tenants have to pay 14 Euro rent per square meter for existing properties, almost 5% more than a year ago. Within ten years, this represents an increase of 38.5%. New buildings are even more expensive with 15,30 Euro rent per square meter. It is striking that rents did not grow the most in established neighborhoods such as the Westend or Northend, but in once little sought-after locations. For example, the ten-year rent growth was led by districts like the Gutleutviertel (plus 49 %), followed by Altstadt, Gallus and Riederwald (plus 46% each).