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Early-Bird Investments.

Together with us clients have the benefit to be at the beginning of the value chain. We receive new building land and projects because of our network. Often we offer the projects right before the official market entry. Based on our experience, we develop the projects and find optimal solutions. We have best connections to authorities so that you can safeguard your interests. We have best connections to all contractors and engineers, structural engineer, geologists ect. Support for the investment process as well as creating distribution channels based on decade long experiences und completion of own projects with a market value of approximately 1 billion Euro.

Example 1:

Development, Construction of the Condominium „Berger Palais“
in the City Centre of Frankfurt Main.

Property Worth: 32 million Euro
32 Apartments + Pharmacy.
3 Building Ensembles behind each other.
From 48 to 174 square metre of living space.
Energy efficiency KfW 70 EnEV 2014.
Apartments in the first level have its private garden.
Only 2 very exclusive residential units per floor in building ensemble A and B.
Big balcony, big roof top or garden terrrace.
This property has been completed. We bought the land in the city centre of Frankfurt. The site is a very narrow building site in a central location and therefor difficult to develop. We developed the entire project, completed the construction and distributed the units.
On foot or by bike you can quickly reach all destinations. The subway station / high street is right outside the door.

This property can be found on "Berger Strasse" in Frankfurt Main, Germany. Berger Strasse is the longest shopping street in Frankfurt am Main. The 2.9 km long road connects Frankfurt city center with the Seckbach district and leads through the Nordend and Bornheim districts.
Go for a walk on the Berger Strasse. The second largest shopping street in the metropolis of Frankfurt am Main. They still exist on Berger Strasse: the many shops, the nice cafés and the trendy bars and pubs. And that's what the numerous restaurant guides and magazines tell us. Can you feel it too? Take a deep breath. Go for a stroll. On Berger Strasse. Take a look around: the sun is glistening in the floor-to-ceiling window panes of the recently completed "Berger Village" residential and commercial building, with its shops and supermarkets. Flags fly in the wind on the occasion of the reopening of the building complex. Doors open and close automatically. Red and white balloons are stretched along the highly polished facade. The sidewalk is busy anytime and everyday. People stop interested, walk in, move on. The „Berger Palais“ takes part in this flourishing get-together with its big pharmacy in the 1. floor.

Example 2:

Land Development in the City Center of Frankfurt Main.

Project Worth: 130 million Euro.
Planned condominium with 200 apartments.
This project is under construction. We received the land in an area which was difficult to develop. We disposed of the contaminated sites and impurities, carried out the demolition and sold the building land to an investor.

Example 3:

We participated in the marketing. Exclusive Germany-wide Realty Investment Package. Mainly Prime Locations. (1-A Location)

Highly profitable, also in the long term due to prime locations. (In Germany 1-A Location means best locations.)
The package includes projects in 20 of the biggest German cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich...
All projects have a total value of more then 4 billion Euro once completed.
The projects are in different stages of development.
Investors have the opportunity to invest in more then 900,000 square meters of residential and commercial space. Total investment volume is more then 1 billion Euro.

Example 4:

Close to city, natural, friendly and bright. Thats how to life!

31 Town Houses + 4 Penthouses.
This project is completed since 2015.
In advance of the construction process all town houses and penthouses have been sold to owner-occupiers.

In a particularly beautiful outskirts of Frankfurt Main residents can enjoy the sun at the roof top terrace of the new city penthouses. This area is well known for its very good air quality! The concept is modern, thought through to the smallest detail, and energy efficiant. The penthouses are bright and have a comfortable size. Two bathrooms guarantee a start into the day without stress. The light flooded living room and dining room, the guest room and home office, the terrace and roof balcony and the guest bathroom are easy to access on the same level. Below the residents can enjoy a big sleeping room, one more bathroom and a gym room. Both levels are accessable by the stairs or elevator. Here is enough space for kids, guests and hobbies. For even more space this concept includes a private garden with 148 square meters. At the door step this concept continues to succeed. In a distance of just 50 meters you can enjoy the beauty and natural environment of a nature reserve area.

Example 5:

The new city center residential building concept of the city of Friedrichsdorf near Frankfurt Main in the federal state of Hesse, Germany. Next to new shopping mall.

Entire new city center. This project has been developed together with a specialized city center developer. In the meantime the concept has been sold to investors and is implemented. Right side: Drawings of the site.

Site plan of car parking lots and driveways.

Site plan piazza.

Noise blockades concept, healthy living.
• Closed building structures
• Gable heights from 11 to 15 meter
• Facades in urban style

Drawing of the noise pollution and sound protection concept.

Our Partner

In Germany and Europe is a circle of involved and recognized individuals and corporations for big and exclusive properties. We have a grown access to this circles because of many completed projects and due to a network that has grown over decades. Market knowledge and strong network are the requirements to gain the knowledge over lucrative properties in advance of the official market entry. The building land in Frankfurt is rear and so the investment requires comprehensive and complex planning. Quick assessment and fast decision making is neccesarry. Our partners know this principle and act accordingly. The partners are committed to a mutually satisfactory final result with the buyers and sellers are satisfied. We select our partners carefully and prudently to ensure that these partners match very well into the Value chain and acquainted with the challenges of our partners in all their diversity.
This ensures a smooth service even between continents and cultures.