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Experience since 1985.

Mr. Wolfgang Otto, Chairman and CEO.

"A wealth of experience in combination with new, creative and innovative project designs creates the maximum benefit for our customers!"

Strong world-wide demand for investments in Frankfurt Main.
"Market knowledge and strong network are the requirements to gain the knowledge over lucrative properties in advance of the official market entry.
The building land in Frankfurt is rare and so the investment process requires comprehensive and complex planning.
Quick assessment and fast decision making is neccesarry.
To be recognised as a buyer by the seller, the seller must be convinced that the buyer has the necessary, unrestricted purchasing power."


Mr. Wolfgang Otto is a highly skilled Engineer with more then 3 decades of experiences. He has acquired his know-how and experiences in the turbine construction and then as the Chief Engineer and Architect for nuclear power plants. One of this plants is located near the city of Koblenz in state of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany. Later on, Mr. Otto established his own architecture company together with his wife. Since more then 30 years, „WeHa Massivhaus GmbH“ architecture company is well known for its quality of service and creativity in developing and construction of real estates. WeHa Massivhaus GmbH completed real estates with a combined market value of more then
1 billion Euro.

the board chairman wolfgang otto

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